CACI is a platform that allows faculty and students from different colleges and universities to work together in areas of common interest.  Work groups with complementary skills and resources will share new methods and expertise to  improve the quality and reach of learning and research.  This website will offer online meetings to plan and organize work groups, encourage networking, share ideas, and attract objective mentors that provide guidance to confront the sometimes intimidating challenge of understanding and integrating complex topics.  The role of CACI will evolve in response to how these initiatives succeed.

The initial focus of activity surrounds the many disciplines needed to effectively understand and apply energy economics. This is an area of interest that addresses critical current issues related to climate change, energy policy, massive investments in decarbonization, changes in energy production and use, and many unforeseen economic impacts. We will be looking for support from participating individuals and organizations to help with the planning and coordination of our initiatives.

Reiner W. Kuhr

Energy Technology Economist; Co-Founder

Reiner Kuhr

Mr. Kuhr is an international expert in electric power generation technology and economics, project finance, business planning and economic modeling.

He has 45 years of experience with all phases of power and process industry projects, including new technology development.  He worked with project developers, investors and lenders, legal and market specialists in planning and implementing a wide variety of projects and acquisitions valued over $70 billion in the US and many other countries.

He has specialized in feasibility studies, project planning and development, permitting and licensing, cost estimating, financial projections, risk management, independent reviews and appraisals supporting financial closure and providing project implementation oversight.

He is currently focused on teaching the interaction of energy technology, economics and policy. After three years teaching at the University of Massachusetts engineering graduate program, he founded the Center for Academic Collaboration Initiatives to facilitate collaboration in teaching and research among multiple universities.

He has many publications and presentations at industry conferences in the US and abroad on various topics including power generation economics, new energy and environmental technologies, and the impact of changing market and policy trends.

Ahmad Nofal

Energy Technology Analyst; Co-Founder

Ahmad Nofal

Nuclear engineer with extensive experience in the development and application of complex technical and economic modeling and analysis.  Successful entrepreneur setting up and promoting several new businesses. 
Developed the techno-economic model and the hourly grid model of New England in efforts to co-author the “Technical and Economic Limits for Renewable Power Integration in New England” report.  The models were used to determine the carbon abatement costs and to evaluate the interaction of various generators in the New England power grid.
Actively leading the operation in CACI. Working to form a multi-university work groups. Planning the future development of on-line training and educational systems.